SD and Prostan cycle - but which amounts...

  1. SD and Prostan cycle - but which amounts...

    I'm gunna give SD a shot, after responding decently to a Fini/PP cycle.... I didn't get nearly as strong as I was hoping, so I will give this a go with a much cleaner diet this time.
    But the amounts, AND when to take the two compounds are undecided..... I've read how taking Superdrol say weeks 1-4 and then Prostan 4-7 works, but I have also read about cycles where Superdrol and Prostan are run together for weeks 1-4.

    What I was planning on was running them along side each other. - A note to make I'm not actually using "Prostan", but rather another brand that is pretty much the same thing called MegaZol..... the servings come in 50mg's a piece.

    1 - SD 20mg Prostan 50mg
    2 - SD 20mg Prostan 100mg
    3 - SD 30mg (if deemed necessary) Prostan 100mg
    3 - SD 30mg (if deemed necessary) Prostan 150mg (if deemed necessary)

    I've read reviews on PP and Prostan split up, but as SD, would this cycle be more beneficial? It just seems weird to me that Prostan is going to have to keep the gains made on SD and then possibly add more if the cycle was made into two smaller ones.

    On cycle - Perfect Cycle, Hawthorne Berry, Celery Seed Extract, Red Yeast Rice with CoQ10, and 2 gallons of water daily.
    PCT - All of the on cycle supplements for one week, and then dropping off all except for the Perfect Cycle, and will still continue on the 2 gallons of water daily.
    Liquid Nolva - 50mg/25mg/25mg/25mg
    RXT - 75/50/50/25 (maybe 75/50/25/25)
    Retain - 3/3/3/2

    What's your opinion on this cycle? My goals are for strength. If there is a better compound to stack with SD (I was looking at a Methoxy-TRN compound), please let me know!

  2. Did it and loved it...good luck.i was amazed at wht it could around for more info...theres a bunch....take care

  3. K..

    Dont jump into SD at 20mg a day, even if your experienced. Do your first week at 10 mg, youll still get results, introduce the foreign compound to your body and judge how you will react to it.

    Go with something like this:

    week1: 10mg SD
    week2: 20mg SD / 100mg ps
    week3: 20mg SD / 150mg PS
    week4: 150mg PS

    Something like that, you can play around with it more. Bottom line is, start with 10 mg, and bump to 20 if you need to. I doubt youll need to bump to 30, ESPECIALLY if you weigh under 200 and/or are semi inexperienced. Save the extrafor a future cycle. Defineatly do 3 weeks of PS, just 2 is not really enough..

    Besides that, your pct looks good, and I would defineatly suggest getting your hands on some milk thistle(silymarin) to support your liver. Its only 15 dollars or something like that, easy to find.

    Goodluck with everything, seems pretty solid.

  4. I agree with the others. Don't jump in at 20mg till you understand how you react. Most dont go over 3 weeks on SD. I ran it for 4 weeks with great results. I might recommend loading Prostan starting @ 75 or 100mg based on your experieince with it, in the 2nd or 3rd week and running for a total cycle length of 6 weeks. So that means finishing with 2 weeks of Prostan. I would also run the ancillaries through PCT but by all means run based on your experience. As for the Nolvadex I might suggest 40/40/20/10. Its toxic and suggested run no more than needed. In fact I tapered off sooner at 40/20/10 with no problems but that was me. And most certainly look into Milk Thistle or as I prefer the Liver support supps like AX Perfect Cycle. Best of luck to you.

    Press On...

  5. Does RXT mean AXs Rebound XT? Also, why no clomid? Just planning my own cycle [after my blood test :-)]. thanks in advance - good posts.

  6. Hey guys, thanks for the generous replys....

    Yes, I definetly plan on using milk thisle, through Perfect Cycle which I will pre-load two weeks in advance along with Hawthorne Berry.... and now I will start the cycle at 10mg.

    Although I'm still a bit confused about the PS (first time using it). Both of you mentioned a longer duration for PS is best.... so even if I started it on week 1 and carried it through week 4 that wouldn't be enough?
    Also you mentioned that running it for 6 weeks is effective.... how should I go about doing this? Do I run it with PCT? Or do I stop the Superdrol (after 4) and then run the PS by itself for 2 weeks and then start up PCT?

    Thanks again for the advice guys


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