what should blood pressure be at for a SD cycle?

  1. what should blood pressure be at for a SD cycle?

    i bought some superdrol months ago and it has been sitting, while i research and get my body ready.

    in the begining of this year i was taking NO-Xplode, which I believe gave me high bp. ( i know this supplement is completely different than an anabolic, i am not new to reading about aas, just new to taking it)

    anyhow my bp was 165/can't remember, which is obviously too high to start a SD cycle on. I am currently cutting and hope to get to about 195 @ 8% bf soon. When i get to 8% bf i will start my cycle provided my bp is at a normal level.

    where should my bp be prior to starting a cycle of sd? how much has sd increased others? (i did searches and only found bp levels at the end of cycles, not before AND after)


  2. My bp to start was 124/80 & as of yesterday it was 140/80. AFter taking 10mg for 5 days I got greedy and upped it to 20 mg. My bp shot up to 157/90. I had a head ache for two days and that was the reading I had after two days off of it and after the headache went away. AFter the two days off I continued back on it at 10mg a day and just finished yesterday.

  3. what were your gains at 10mg/day (before and after weight and bf)? how long did you run the cycle? pct?


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