Question on Blood Work... need advice!

  1. Question on Blood Work... need advice!

    Hey guys,

    I just finished an SD cycle about 1 month ago, i had blood work done 5 months prior to my cycle and am now looking to get blood work done for post cycle.

    My problem is this, my doctors office said they only do blood work once a yr and if i do it before than i will be responsible for the entire charge and my insurance will not cover it..

    What are my options, do any of u all run into this issue? If my insurance doesnt cover this im looking at paying $300!

    My concern is i dont want to wait another 3-4 months to get my blood work done...


  2. Read the sticky "Safe Cycling..." by B5150 above.

  3. Ok, so i just read B5150's thread on safe cycling.. I found a so called discount blood test lab... Maybe im not quite understand this but where the hell is the discount? I just spoke with a lady and she said just for a Testosteron Test, which doesnt include: Free testosterone, IGF-1 , Estradoil
    , DHEA/DHEA-s . And thats just under the Hormone profile.. If i was to get a test for everything under the major hormone profile alone that would run me close to 1K..

    Thats a discount? Does this sound right?

    someone please point me in the righ direction or let me know what im doing wrong.. Im just looking to get a simple Post Cycle test done to see how the SD affected me.

  4. Sometimes I got to wonder how you make it through the day. Click on the links and read.
    · QuesTest - click here for a comprehensive list of all tests
    Men's/Women's Health Profile - $115
    Thyroid Health Screen - $40
    Lipid Panel - $40
    Liver Health Panel - $40
    PSA - $45

    · Direct Labs - click here for a comprehensive list of all tests
    Comprehensive Wellness Profile - $89 *best buy* -does not include testosterone profile
    Testosterone: Free/Total - $68
    Thyroid Panel with TSH - $54
    Lipid Panel - $39
    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel - $39
    Liver Profile - $37
    PSA - $44

    · Health-Tests-Direct - click here for a comprehensive list of all tests
    Testosterone: Free/Total - Test Dependent
    Thyroid: Various - Test Dependent
    Lipid Panel - $35
    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) (liver/kidney) - $20
    GGT (GGTP) (liver) - $7.50
    PSA - $45

    * add $15.00 blood draw fee [/FONT][/COLOR]
    Visit Lab Tests Online to further understand the purpose of these tests and others not listed.

  5. Ok, i found one.. The one link i clicked on direct me to a discount lab testing facility in my area with a phone #, i called and the prices were definately not what you had posted bud... But the second try with direct labs is what i was looking for.. Guess i should have attempted twice before posting..

    sorry , thanks for the help ...

  6. You know, every link that had a price next to it was exactly the same price at their site...BUD.

    You have a very serious comprehension handicap that has really started to piss me off!!!

    BTW. your welcome


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