M1-4AD/1TEST/4-AD cycle

  1. M1-4AD/1TEST/4-AD cycle

    I'm 5 weeks into this cycle.Would like some results from others who have ran a similar cycle.Will post final results when i finish.

    weeks1-4 M1-4AD 120mg
    1-8 1-test 4cc trans
    1-8 4-ad 6cc trans

    All info appreciated

  2. At what dosages? How much do you weigh? It was easier for me to gain weight when I weighed less and didn't care why the scale moved as long as it moved. When I weighed 200lbs it was easy for me to weigh 220lbs after 4 weeks of 80-280 mgs of m, 1,4 diol. Let alone 8 weeks of ??? 4-ad and 1-test. How much are you eating over maintence? Are you bulking? Whats your training look like? The only thingy I know about you is you just got done with 4 weeks of 120 mgs of m 1,4 diol. You should look full and feel great. What do you want to know?
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  3. Currently at 178LBS.Up 11 LBS. Per day cal intake between 4 and 5k.On a good day more.With my schedule it's tough to get more.

    per day split between day/night


    Would like to no total gains.How much was kept after pct.Just to give me an idea what to expect after pct.I no everyone is different.Thanks

  4. Yor starting weight was 167lbs and you have been eating between 24-30x's your body weight in calories. You are setting yourself up for becoming very fat very quickly.

    There are many logs that you may be able to reference if you search.

  5. It's the only way i can put on any weight.I'm a hard gainer.Over active metabolism.Always hard to put on lbs.even harder to keep them.

  6. Weight and LBM are two very different things.

  7. This diet is for this cycle.Normal diet around 3k cal.Try to eat as clean as possible.

  8. I do understand that.But to this point haven't put on a ton of fat.Put on some good LBM and some bloat.

  9. Alright Big-dog, I am gonna try and help ya. I assume, cc's mean mgs, please clarify. D-bol bloats, 4-ad can bloat. This is to be expected. If you don't feel as though your bloat is subsiding gradually with the minus of m 1, 4 diol from your system, you can cut down on you 4-ad usage a little. Check your sodium intake as this plays a big role in bloat too. You might want to look into a dieretic if your bp becomes elevated. The 1-test should help harden/ solidfy your gains-- it always has for me.

    Keep your cals up into PCT. It will help you keep your gains better. If you feel like you've gained too much fat cut once you're done with PCT with high protein and lots of rest.

    If you are concerned with recovery you can get your bloodwork done for final answers. Good luck.
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  10. Sorry for the confusion.I did mean MGs. Brain fart! All good info man.Am taking HB for blood pressure.Not so much a problem.So far very Happy with cycle. Thanks MOTIV.

  11. I would go 6 weeks. It's much easy to keep the mass.

  12. I am on an 8 weeker.Just 5 weeks in.


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