Halodrol-50 effects

  1. Halodrol-50 effects

    Just wondering if anyone who switched from SD to Halodrol-50 felt weaker and or somewhat sick to the stomach after a couple of days on HAL.

    I went two months straight on SD w/o PCT; however, after feeling sick last night, decided to PCT with 6OXO for 3 weeks prior to going back on HAL

  2. what was your dosing range on sd? SIX weeks? so i doubt ur taking liver supps either. i hope for ur sake that u r. i think a lot more info is needed. i recommend that u give ur body a break and take this time to practice proper pct and start studying. post ur lipid profiles if u get em. that should b ntertaining.

  3. ???? dude....seriously....

    what or who persuaded you to take SD for 2 months straight with no PCT?

    this is a seriously bad idea. you may want to start PCT right away along with liver,kidney, cholesterol, and any sort of Blood pressure related supplements as well, im sure you have overtaxed your kidneys and liver
    you might want to look into going and having some lipid values done.

    and i wouldnt touch anything related to a AAS/Prohormone until you do some research.

  4. So you used SD for 8 weeks straight with no PCT and then went straight into a Halodrol 50 cycle? How old are you man?

    You should probably just go ahead and check yourself into a hospital because that type of behavior......aside from being dangerous......is just plain stupid.

  5. For the love of god man, 8 weeks on SuperDrol with no PCT?!?! I am going to close this thread and urge you to do some research about what you are doing to yourself. To get you started, head over to the PCT forum and have a look around.




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