Newbie...Please Help... appreciated

  1. Newbie...Please Help... appreciated

    I am totally new to steroids and prohormones. I have been lifting weights for 3 years. I'm 16 years old, 5'9" about 200 pounds. Bench 205 Squat 400 Deadlift 450. I have been using supplements such as Cell Tech, T3, and an amino acid blend called Juven from Ross Labs. The juven has been working well however i want to increase my gains drastically. I have been researching and considering using Halodrol 50. I dont intend to consistently use prohormones or steroids. I am looking to try one cycle to get an edge and increase my strength. During me research i came upon this article and prescribed cycle.

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback or advice!

  2. Your 16 bud, you should not use any steriod or prohormone until your 18.

  3. And not allowed to post in here untill 21.
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  4. Dont do it. Youre still growing/developing. You dont want to mess with your hormones right now believe me. Even one cycle is one too many for someone your age. I know that's not what you wanna hear bro. I just now a doing my first cycle, and im 26. Lift natural for a few more years, eat a ****load, take in LOTS of protein, and you will grow.

  5. Made it in before the ban.
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  6. Read the rules son. Bye


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