long term anavar use?

  1. long term anavar use?

    Does anybody have any experiance with using var over a longer period? Like 12 weeks up to a year. Iv just been wandering if this drug is so mild and safe yet produces strength and lean mass gains whats stopping people from just using it indefinatly? I know its slightly liver toxic and will probably cause some testicular shrinkage eventually. But at a dose of say 25mgs per day its not going to be so toxic that your liver could'nt handel it for a very long time. I mean some people drink every night for most of their lifes and are fine for the most part. So what stopping people from just taking 25mgs per day for an indefiniate length of time and slowly gain strength and lean mass over time at a greater rate than would be possible naturly?( this is taking into account getting shutdown and just tolerating it)

  2. do you like your nuts the size they are now? it's toxic and its a steroid and should be cycled.

  3. I've read the study where they had the little girl on var for a few years but I believe the dose was very low. Running an AAS even the more mild ones will lead to HPTA shutdown, testicular shrinkage and more importantly loss of libido (a big one in my book). As for the liver, bloods test would have to be run every month I'd say to check your liver values. As long as they were good you could stay on but again your sex life would be nill unless you cycled test on and off.

  4. People have done 12 weeks before around 40mg i believe but obviously it's not suggested.,

  5. Bro, that will be horrible on your HDL and LDL. Test is much better for the long term. Both will shut you down but with a proper PCT including: HCG, Nolva, AI (pref. Aromasin) you will definitely recover no matter how long you go on.


  6. 25mg var wont do much of anything, besides hurt your lipids...but it probably wont impact your libido at that dosage.

    WAY better off cycling more effective steroids.

  7. to many parrots here. if its bad for your liver then why is it used to treat cirrhosis


    if it will shut you down, why would they use it to treat little girls?


    before you give bad advice, dtr

    and pct for var cycles is just stupid

  8. Quote Originally Posted by zenmonky
    and pct for var cycles is just stupid
    You can't be serious???

  9. yo zenmonkey girls dont have to worry about getting shutdown.........sounds like your the one who needs to do the research.

  10. Why dig up an old thread to post bad information. This puzzles me.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jminis
    Why dig up an old thread to post bad information. This puzzles me.
    i'm not sure what's so confusing for you....if you're a complete idiot, you respond to dead forum threads with worthless and potentially harmful opinions. it's chapter 5 in "the complete idiot's guide to doin stuff"


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