Prostanozol + Phera-Plex

  1. Prostanozol + Phera-Plex

    OK so ive got a bottle of both coming in the mail. (Phera-Plex by anabolic xtreme, and orastan-e by gaspari)

    so thats 60 caps of PP at 10mg each


    90 caps of Pstan at 25mg each.

    Im looking to put together a very good cutting stack with these 2 compounds.

    Im 5'8" 185 (Defineatly very strong/medium muscularity, but u can see, im trying to really slim down now)

    Ive been lifting for about 5 years now, and i have done some PHs and M1T cycles in the past. (I DID use PCT-Nolva)

    Im eating very clean right now, cutting back on the calories, taking a multivitamin and trying to get as much protein as i can through my food/a protein shake here and there.

    I also have plenty of milk thistle/hawthorne berry.

    Id very much appreciate if someone could set up a solid cycle for me here.

    Oh~ I also have this natty test booster compound, consists of Zinc and Magnesium (both asparate) some trib(60%sap) some other various herbs, some that are said to help stop estrogen, and even some horny goat weed for libido.

    I was wondering when/if i should ever use this. Should i combine it with my PCT to help boost natty test levels, or use it during cycle?

    ~Also, would rebound xt + that product above be sufficient for pct, or possibly even 6-oxo, or is it a must have for Nolva?

    TY guys!

    Oh, and heres a SKELETON of some ideas of what i was thinking of doing~

    Week1: 10mg PP / 25MG PS
    Week2: 20mg PP / 50mg PS
    Week3: 20mg PP / 75mg PS
    Week4: 20mg PP / 75mg PS
    Week5: 10mg PP / 50mg PS
    Week6: Remainder(4tabs of PPleft, 14tabs of PS left)

    Im not sure how dangerous that would be to run them together for that long. I was also thinking of:

    Week1: 20mg PP
    Week2: 20mg PP
    Week3: 20mg PP
    Week4: 10mg PP / 50mg PS
    Week5: 10mg PP / 50mg PS
    week6: 75mg PS
    week7: 100mg PS

    But I am open to any suggestions/critiques. I will be running Milk Thistle either during this cycle, or before and after. Let me know which would be better, because I dont want to inhibit gains, but i dont want to jeprodize health. I will also be running hawthore berry during the cycle to keep BP levels in check. Multi-Vit/Protein, clean diet as well. Im really looking to cut here and gain some lean mass

    thnx guys!

  2. I wouldn't run them past 6 weeks. And I would start with 10mgs of PP and then see how it goes.

  3. def start w/ 10 mg- see how your body reacts then up the doseage. i've read that you need to run higher doseages of the prostan to get its full effect. def. a good cutting cycle imo. haven't done it- but from what i've read, those two compounds together should work well. that's my .02
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  4. prostan needs to be run at least at 75 mgs, anything less is pointless IMHO. If you have any probs with joints try bromerlain it works wonders...

  5. I just added in MegaZol today on Day 17 of a PP cut. Looks like it has gotten rid of some water from the PP, and am more vascular after workout.

    I hate bloat with a passion so if the MZ keeps up this drying effect I will probably use it in all cycles.



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