M4OHN and lowest dose

  1. M4OHN and lowest dose

    Hey guys... gunna be running a cutter in the future (don't worry SNS ..not till I'm done with your log) and I only have a small amount of M4OHN. I will only be running it to start out my cycle or end my cycle along with something else and I was wondering what the lowest dosage I could take and still see some small benefits. I was thinking along the lines of 30mgs a day... any suggestions on dose? or a good way of using, i have about one bottle, i know sorry so vague... and no I'm not sending it to anyone

  2. Just make sure you spread it out over the course of the day. MOHN has a very short halflife. If you dose 4 or 5 times per day, then this will help increase it's affect even at a low dose.

    Depending how you run it would depend on what else your using and what your goals are.

  3. Have you run M4OHN in the past? It seems that the effective dose seems to differ from person to person. I have been able to see a difference at doses as low as 8mgs/day. I usually dose at 12-16mgs/day, and haven't had to exceed 20 (I'm 6', 210lbs.+). Some people don't respond at all to 24mgs/day, so hopefully you've tried it before to know how you will respond.

  4. nopers havent tried it yet... I was just under the impression that I did not have enough for a suffiecient stack but I guess that was wrong, I am usually very knowledgable in this department but not with this product.... it will be used as a cutter along w/ phera most likely

  5. it will be used as a cutter along w/ phera most likely
    How long?

  6. 4-5 wks total cycle

    from what ive researched toxicity shouldn't be much of an issue being as mild as mohn is..but correct me if I'm wrong ... plus i haven't ran any ph's or designer steroids for over a year now so I should be in good shape that way

  7. Speaking of m4ohn is there anywhere it can be sold now ebay won't allow it. I bought a bunch of bottles a year ago and sold on ebay for profit but now am stuck with it

  8. Claudio be careful, you are asking for a source.

    I have found benefit from as low as 28 mgs per day spread out over 4 doses. And I really get off on 50-60mgs a day!!
    My The 1 LOG: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/steroids/254164-my-one-log.html

  9. Lol, I guess it looks that way but my concern isn't to buy more thats for sure. I just got a bunch of m4ohn, methyl-dien and 1-test cyp lying around I no longer need and remembered this board which I don't frequent that much at one time allowing forum members to trade in PH's between themselves.

    Still point taken and no more source requests if thats how it looked.

  10. run it 6-8 weeks starting at 8-12mg/day for 2 weeks just to get it in your system, then week 4-6 or 8 ramp up to 28, 32, 40, 48 or whatever. Nice effect at the higher doses in my exp, but you won't have it "kick-in" till week 3 or 4 probably.

  11. okay... well knowing that I am stacking it with something pretty androgenic and somewhat anabolic... and I have very limited supply with mohn, any benefits ramping to the high teens or 20s and staying in that range? ... or bag it all together?

  12. On a mohn cycle at the mo, ran it at 12mg for the first 3weeks stacked with m-trn then ramped up the dosage over a week to 36mg. Didnt really notice the mohn much until I ramped up the dosage, now getting some freaky vasculation!

  13. i agree with milwood on the dosing..it takes a bit of time to kick in, so slowly ramp up in those first two weeks to conserve it..personally, its worked well for me in the 30+mg ranges..i dont know how well 20 would work..you could try it, but since its the last of your stash, i say hit it heavy and hard to try and ensure you see the benefit..would hate to have you be like a lot of others that only see benefits at higher doses, only to learn that once youve run out!

  14. Its subjective to your weight first and to your responsiveness to it.

    For me, first cycle ever, 24mg had a good effect.
    NOTE that m4ohn kick in after 2-3 weeks and the cycle should last at least 5 weeks, possibly 6.

  15. Agree with you totally Syr, the cycle should last a minimum of 5 weeks. M4ohn takes a while to kick in!
    My The 1 LOG: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/steroids/254164-my-one-log.html


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