Real or Fake TE?

  1. Real or Fake TE?

    I have looked around at some sites and just want an opinion if this bottle looks real or fake. Someone else asked me to do some checking but I have not seen it yet.

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  2. It looks real from what I have seen of Anabolic Pharms stuff, I hear they are great quality and have great prices!

  3. definately real bro!
  4. Anabolic Pharms

    Good to go there with AP! Some real good UG stuff!


  5. yup real, ap makes good stuff.

  6. I just brought some test e how will I know if it's fake or not

  7. Start Pinning lol Or try and find a test kit

    Idk if they make test kits for it but I've seen some online for certain gear.

  8. The stuff I have is test enanthate 250mg from rotexmedica GmbH


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