Clen, T-3 and taurine

  1. Clen, T-3 and taurine

    My girlfriend is using clen and has a prescription for T-3. She is ow using taurine because of clens effect on the liver and thyroid. My concern is how much she should use. She haas had and beat thyroid cancer but now i dont know how much she should be using. She used a very low dose of clen 20mcg for week 1 but now I am going to have her go to 40mcg then 60mcg. How much taurine should she be using and is there anything else that anyone can think of.

  2. Well at the very least, milk thistle to protect the liver. If she is concerned with her liver, a combination that also included burdock root and dandelion may add more protection.

    Is it wise to take T3 when you've had thyroid cancer? Or did the doc say it was OK? I'd be a bit concerned. My brother (med student) told me that too much T3 can cause/aggravate thyroid cancer over time. Don't know how true that is, but it wouldnt surprise me.

  3. Her encologist is the one that gives her the T3. She goes for regular blood work and he changes it accordingly. She has beaten the cancer copletly and I want to take all precautions that it wont come back. Even if it means no clen. She would be bummed though

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