Does Halo produce flu-like symptoms?

  1. Does Halo produce flu-like symptoms?

    I completed a cycle of SD a couple months ago. After about two weeks in, I started felling like I had the flu, bad... This continued through PCT and really made it difficult to have good workouts. Don't get me wrong, I had great results with SD, I just don't think I could handle the sickness again.

    I haven't seen any mention of these symptoms posted in Halo threads, but I wanna be sure before picking some up.

    Thanks all!

  2. I miss the days of 1-ad and transdermalt 1-test & 4-ad.

    On 3 attempt runs over the past year, i've had to abandon the cycle about 2-3 weeks in. I run low doses (10-20mg/day max) and get teh same thing at the 2-3 point mark. The lethargy starts kicking in for a few days, gets worse, then progresses to flu-like symptoms and I abandon the cycle and start pct. After this, I dont have interest in trying any of the methyls in the future (I attempted sd once and e...max lmg twice).

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