Blood Pressure

  1. Blood Pressure

    Which anabolics would create the most dramatic fluctuation of BP? Which anabolics would cause less of an increase? What would be more affected the minimum or maximum pressure? thanks

  2. well, drugs that definatley increase blood pressure are dbol and absolutely eq, espically at 600mg a week or higher, and also test in general can raise blood pressure. i would imagine that more mild aas such as winny, anavar etc. would cause the least but obviously not very effective without a good test base, which will raise blood pressure to some extent.

  3. Anything where you gain alot of weight fast, doesn't matter at least I don't think. So Dbol or Drol will cause water retention thus creating your bp to be elevated due to the strain put on your heart by gaining that much weight fast.

    Blood volume (EQ, Var) and RBC increase can also cause BP to go up, or at least I am under this impression. Especially if you are prone to BP bro, any anabolic (OTC or Rx) will make your BP rise. Just take the precautionairy measures (cardio, 3nB, HWB, lots of water, low sodium)

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