when does fina kick in

  1. when does fina kick in

    I should have asked this a while ago, but for most of yous that have ever used it, how long was it until you saw/felt ther results.  I am only on day 3 of my fina transdermal cycle so its not like i am expecting anything now, just curious.


    im going 30 days, 4 pumps/day

    6gfina/5g 4ad -tgel




  2. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks until you feel the strength really kick in. Around the 3 week mark I start to sweat a lot more just sitting around too. So about 3 weeks for the full effects t hit you. I do know that your metabolic rate starts to increase around the 3-4 day. I used to run a metabolic rate testing program at Ballys' and I used to check myself out all the time. You can expevt your resting metabolic rate to go up as much as 25% from your norm. In other words, you will need 25% more calories to maintain your weight at total rest.

  3. hamper fill me in on your results cause i was gonna try fina transdermaly.  I cant find toomany good post on it cause every one says just pin it but some cant afford to due to there situation.

  4. yeah theres a few threads on here with some fina transdermal results..i believe anyway. I will keep yous updated.

    currently weighing in about 186...... for 1 week prior to this cycle, i used up my T1-pro, just for the hell of it, but it kicked in actually and made me get some good pumps in just a week, but now im on the fina mix.

    I am using this for a "cutting cycle" and eating at about 400 cals below maintenence, so if you don't see me say i gained 12+ pounds lbm you know why..lol

    right now im probably at 11-13% bf,

    in a month ideally i would like to be 190 8% or less.

    GILSTER: Are you referring to injecting it .or does that matter...as far as "kicking in and raised metabolic rate goes"

    also how can you test your Metabolism?



  5. I have only tested my metabolic rate while doing injects, but when I first did fina it was transdermal, and the effects took around the same time to kick in. I can't say weather or not this metabolic rate jump aspect is the same since I did not test myself when doing it trans.

    Some Ballys gyms have something caled a GEM device that measures your intake of oxygen and how much you burn of it and then tells you what your RMR(resting metabolic rate) is. I am not sure where it is available anymore since I do not work for them anymore. I wrote the policies and procedures to this program when it was only available in 4 locations accross the country total. You can also ask prsonal trainers if they have it. Some do, but not many because the little 4oz. device cost $1500. They have to replace the mouthpiece each time they give you an RMR test, so they charge anywhere from $70-$100 for the test.

  6. I have ran both the old finasol formulation and the injectable formula. With the transdermal method i started seeing results after about 2 weeks and with injectable about 3. Although the injectable worked a whole lot better I will probably do a transdermal formula if I ever run it again. There are much better transdermal carriers now than when I ran it.

  7. yeah..i know the method you are talking about.....its definitely better now....and just an FYI, strength is UP, and im below or at maint. cals...GO FIGURE>....i think this should go in another thread about losing strength while cutting

  8. first week for streangh
    second week for muscle

  9. Day 3 the increase in Blood Pressure or at least with me

  10. ya really!!!
    me to lol

  11. well its kicked in, so im happy...lol

  12. lol i gained massive steangh using fina but i didnt get the gains i was after,
    good luck bro


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