my first cycle, Help please!

  1. my first cycle, Help please!

    hi to all boys, they are one of the new members
    . I wanted to ask to you experienced, what cycle I could do for starting that me of the satisfactory results.
    I premise that I have always been natural, i am tall 180cm and weight 82,5kg, it has been being for 4 years that I train me even if in the initial period I have always given more importance to define the musculature instead of growing, to the moment i following from beginning winter a diet rich in carbohydrates, the diet it is clean, I always hold tall the value of the proteins, also with integrating protein, use of the glutamina and creatina to small intervals, wanted from you a help to start with the AAS. Very important also a good recovery considering that they are to the beginnings and I would not want to be wrong!!!
    thanks to all those cehs they will be made available...bye

    PS: you excuse for my English language please.... .


  2. I have 19 years old!!!

  3. TOO YOUNG! and please read the board rules about posting at your age.. thanks..
    More than likely you would make better gains if your diet was worked on.

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