First post! Need opinions...

  1. First post! Need opinions...

    Hello all! I am about to decide on a cycle on one of the new "prohormones". The only thing I did in the past was about 4 cycles of Avant Labs S1+ and responded very favorably with no sides except shutdown. I have narrowed it down to Phera-plex or Halodrol 50. My main goal is adding about say 10 lbs. of lean muscle. It sounds like Halodrol would be best as I would like to avoid bloating and definitely gyno. But all this controversy about new formulations and fakes with Halodrol has me hesitant. What are your opinions. I also have my liquid Nolva on the way and will combine it with fenugreek and ActivaTe or possibly Retain. Also, will milk thistle inhibit gains as I have heard? Would appreciate all info. Mav

  2. Maverick,

    Welcom to!! Im not sure about all the Halodrol business, whether its fake or not is anyone's guess. Ive heard people expressing concern over Milk Thistle inhibiting gains while using methylated steroids, but Ive never known it to be the case. Ive never tried an oral AAS myself though, so you might want to research that one.

    Nolva/Fenugreek will make a solid PCT for any of the new 'designer' compounds, AFIK. None of them seem all the suppressive and most threads Ive looked through the users seem to bring HPTA back online fairly quickly. Have a look through some of the cycle logs, I think you'll find that you're on the right track.

    Ive never used any of new compounds, but they do seem interesting. However, keep in mind that most users who have had blood work show that most of them impact the lipid profile fairly hard, so you may want to look into taking some protective supplements for that as well. RYR and policosanol come to mind.

    Theres a bunch of logs both here and in the 'Cycle Info' forum. Have a look I think a lot of your questions will be answered there.


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