Critique this cycle please

  1. Critique this cycle please

    I'm considering doing this cycle and wanted some feedback from everyone. Note: I don't have access to Nolv so if you have a suggestion, please remember that. Let the replies roll! Thanks
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  2. Nolva can be bought at sponsors here.

  3. jmul,

    looks like you have your cycle planned out, but where is your diet and training info? You will get much more in the way of positive responses here if you show that your diet is locked in beforehand.

    Also, as mentioned above Nolva is available from our board sponsors.


  4. I didn't present any info on my training or nutrition on cycle because I personally already know what it takes for my body to respond. I don't pretend to know it all, but after nearly 9 years working out, with the majority of those years dedicated to serious training to yield forth gains in muscular hypertrophy and strength, I know what I need to do to reach the goals I set.

    I train a maximum of 4 days per week. I hit it as hard as I can handle it, and I get out of there. My volume is relatively low, yet my intensity is high, with an emphasize on reaching maximal failure on at least 1 set, in the area of 6 reps, for larger muscle groups Maximal failure on 1 set, in the area of 8-10 reps, for smaller muscle groups. I adapt very quickly to my routine, so I must make changes and periodize my routine regularly to keep from plateauing.

    The majority of my focus is always on nutrition. Without proper nutrition, as you all already know, your cycle and training is useless. I eat every 2 1/2 hours, emphasizing all meals high in protein and moderate good quality carbs and clean fats. I strive to drink at least a gallon of water daily. I keep my foods limited to a lot of egg whites (a few whole eggs), oatmeal, chicken breasts, ground turkey, sliced turkey, whole wheat breads, oatmeal, sweet potato, rice, brocolli, peanut butter, olive oil, and a good quality flax rich lignans. Thats the extent of it.

    In reference to my proposed cycle, are their any elements, besides adding a SERM, that I would benefit from implementing into the cycle? Should the doses be adjusted or are they correct where I have them? I dont believe that more is better, so I don't like to abuse it with using high doses. Any ideas, anything at all, are greatly encouraged and appreciated. Thanks again!

  5. ^Bump^

    Could use some more imput here guys. Any opinions? Any advice?



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