ECA+AAS and prostate hypertrophy

  1. ECA+AAS and prostate hypertrophy

    Quote Originally Posted by MarcusG
    I wouldn't run any EC while on anabolics because of the potential synergy for prostate hypertrophy.
    This is quite an old quote I came across but I was wondering if anyone could confirm or deny this claim. I know EC does have a tendency to irritate my prostate as well as anabolics--which would make a synergistic effect seem possible. But I would like some input to back this claim up.

    MarcusG--sorry to put you on the spot like that, just need some answers....


  2. I don't know about a true synergistic reaction but intuitively, adding to irritants is better than one if you are trying to inflame the prostate.

    I doubt there's any studies on using the two together.

  3. AAS-ECA-CLEN wreck my prostate anytime. I don't know much about the synergy except it would probably be that much more painful.
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