halodrol-50 CYCLE

  1. halodrol-50 CYCLE

    I am currently 6 days into a h-50 cycle... I was wondering if novedex xt will be fine as a PCT.. I was also wondering if i should continue taking 17-hd and omega sports thunder on training days only (that is what i have been doing) and i usually take tribulus oncea day every day.. if i should stop doing what i am doing please let me know.. i also take omega3 (fish oil) everyday...h-50 antiestrogenic? i have read that h-50 does not cause gyno? or can it? I plan to only do 1 cycle or 4 weeks of H-50 and will begin taking novedex xt on my 3rd week... thanks guys

  2. not to flame, but these are questions you should have answers to before you start. And a search would do you fine to answer your own questions.

  3. honestly my main question would be.. is it ok to take creatine/17hd on training days while on h-50/novedex... You are correct a search would do me good for the most part.. Just looking for other sides thats all... thank you

  4. the simple answer to your creatine/17-hd question is that it should be taken every day, training days or not and I definitely agree w/ ApowerZ6 in doing that search. Also just cause I'm feeling nice, don't start your nolva XT until your last day of h-50. Also Tribulus won't do Jack Sh** because the H-50 will keep you shut down. I'd save the Tribulus until you start the PCT w/ Nolva XT. all in last of week 4.

    Big T

  5. 17 hd would be fine as preworkout boost, its nothing to write home to mama about but i dont think it will hinder or a/effect your gains. As far as creatine I would say lay off for know and save that for pct, and switch to vitargo cgl, or Size on. The reason i say wait out the creatine is because on pct, you are going to lose stregth gains, and if you have creatine now, creatine will not give you that extra boost in pct to keep that stregth. As for the reason i said switch over is because those creatain cocktails have some of the best glycogen loading compounds, and they will def help as you come off, and fill up those new glycogen stores you have gotten from H50

  6. Ok so i will stay off the creatine and trib for now... and i wont take novadex xt untill my last day on h-50... im going to test BP today to make sure its staying down... i am pretty active and workout 4-5 times a week and Lift very hard :| (active on non workoutdays) I do know that h50 tends to raise BP :|... continue use of fishoil/multi vitamin and a liver support? recommend anything else for PCT? DHEA fenugreek? or just novedex xt creatine and tribulus

  7. DeadmanX, there are TONS, I mean TONS of threads on PCT protocol. Infact, we have a whole PCT section!! I respect your search for knowledge bro but do try and use the search button.

    When you're going to post in the Anabolics section, laying out your diet/training split/planned PCT protocol will get you better results in the way of positive responses and people willing to answer questions.

    For the high BP, I highly recommend TwinLab's BloodPressure Control (C12), it will bring it back to normal within a few days of use. Also, daily maitenence with Celery Seed Extract and/or Hawthorn Berry will help out quite a bit in the long run.



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