Quick GYno help please?

  1. Quick GYno help please?

    I'm a week into my Test E @ 500mg/week and PHera plex @ 20mg;s/day

    I've never taken either of the two before, but i've taken Emax which is similar and haven't gotten gyno so i don't exactly know if its from the test or the phera.

    But i didn't think it was possible that the test could've given me gyno that quick

    any feedback or help would be greatly appreciated

  2. freakboy,

    I know that gyno symptoms can be frightening, but there is a compound that you should ALWAYS have on hand before you even think of using AAS. And you can find out what that is by using the search button at the top of the screen.

    You really should research and understand how these compounds work before you put them in your body.


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