Critique my cutting cycle.. pretty please with sugar on top.

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    Arrow Critique my cutting cycle.. pretty please with sugar on top.

    I'm 21, 6'3" 225-230lbs and have fat that needs to go. I have gh gut without ever doing gh (probably from booze). OK I'm jk, but I do have a belly when I hyperextend it.

    I want to run PP. I have heard mixed reviews about it, but I would like to try it out. I have 1 - 60 count bottle (10mg) coming. I was planning on doing a 4 week cycle. Now I heard that PP was really friendly with the liver, cholesterol, and bp. Would it be safe to do an 8 week cycle? Whats the max length for safety of liver values and everything else??

    I have a ton of Albuterol too. I will probably start this 3mg - three times daily during PCT.

    I also have a ton of 4OHT. Would PP and 4OHT transdermal be a good option? Anyone know how friendly 4OHT is to the liver, cholesterol, etc?? There is not much info on 4OHT out there.

    My main and primary questions are this. How should training be set up and how should diet look. Basically how much cardio and how much % less of cals a day without losing muscle? I'm guessing the best would be to space out the meals, like 6 of them, high protein and low carb. Higher carb pre/post workout. Cardio 3 times a week, 3 miles medium-fast. 4 days of weight lifting, day1:chest/tri's, day2:legs, day3:biceps/back, day4:chest. I will do ab's on cardio days.

    Of course all the other safety supplements will be implemented along with lots of sleep, lots of water, and a full PCT.

    Now this is something I don't expect to get much answers from except from maybe Dr. D and a few others.. If I want to run this cycle with Oxytocin (sex hormone), injectable form, how would I go about doing that, like dosing?

    Thanks bro's, as always, I will provide a kickass log.

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  3. Well i like the running of albuterol during the cycle not just for PCT

    I took PP with trimax and hexatropin.
    Adding the hexa was a bad idea as it gave me major appetite.

    All in all, pheraplex gave me massive strength gains, and almost elimnated DOMS.

    Unfortunately i had to have carbs while on the trimax/pp stack because i had mad low blood sugar all the time while on.

    If i could have cut carbs the cut would have gone better.

    PP also makes you feel like a god.. be prepared for an awesome feeling of confidence.. but be prepared for the comedown during PCT.. i was depressed cause i thought i was shrinking and took time off lifting and gained back all the fat i lost and then some.

    I will try again without the pheraplex, maybe with some ephedrine.

    Anyways, with the calories, i would go with a pretty hefty reduction in calories, and try and keep the carbs in and around workouts and the fat should fly off..

    Beware of acne and shedding.

    But seriously this stuff makes you feel like you are on top of the world and nothing can touch you.. its an addictive feeling. And PCT was a very hard time as a result.

  4. Post up your diet and we can start to advise there. If your diet sucks drugs aint gonna do **** for ya and even if they did you will just gain it right back. If you say you don't have it written down then I'm sorry but it probably sucks. You need to get it all down on paper to analyze macros and percentages. I use an excel spreadsheet that does most of the work for me. I would be happy to send it to ya if you post up an email.
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