Sust 250 and Nolva

  1. Sust 250 and Nolva

    Hi Guys, long time lurker...please don't roast me. I have searched my heart out, checked out some stickies and some sample logs. I have a question concerning Nolva when on cycle, for a first ever AAS cycle, 250 sust, not going EOD due to minor nerves. Instead going every 3rd day. Anyways, the guy who did the hook up said I should take 20 mg of Nolva, 1 pill, every day while on cycle. All the research I have seen shows that Nolva is for post cycle, not on cycle. Although it is briefly mentioned on by Big Cat in the steroid profiles that it can be used on cycle. My question is, is this too much? Should I keep it? Or is it only necessary for pct? Thanks.

  2. don't use it unless you have gyno symptoms. otherwise, just save it for PCT. if you notice any itchiness or puffiness, or even a hard lump forming behind your nipple, start nolva at 60mgs ed til it subsides, then run it at 10-20mgs for the remainder of the cycle to keep it away. some get it, some don't. won't know til you find out for yourself. either way, don't use it unless you have to. JMO.

  3. Thanks
    For Nolva then should it run 3 weeks after the last shot at 20mgs? Sound right? If all goes well that is concerning any hints of gyno. I want to make sure I have this right. Thanks in advance.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Wuji
    Thanks Beelze,
    Run 3 weeks after the last shot at 20mgs sound right? Is all goes well that is.
    For sustanon I would wait only 2 weeks after last shot.

  5. 20mgs of Nolva per day 2 weeks after last shot with clomid on hand if needed.

    Sound good for PCT?

  6. Start the Nolva/ Clomid 2 weeks after your last shot and for the Nolva go 40mg/day for 2 weeks, then 2 weeks of 20mg/day.
    Clomid - Day 1: 300mg; Day 2-11 100mg; day 12-21 50mg.
    It may be overkill a little if you are running both, but better safe than sorry. Good luck.

  7. Thanks Bro.
    I appreciate it.


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