Question about prohormones-are these tabs any good?

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    Question about prohormones-are these tabs any good?

    I a mcompletely new to the new pro-hormones deal, I have been searching for hours on this site through old threads, and I find the idea behind this very intersting, and I would liek to give it a try. I have ordered in the past from a site, What can you guys say about there pre-made oral prohormones? Anyone have any experiences with them? Thanks! heres a link to the products.

    Which one would be best for simply building up lean muscle mass? Thanks.

  2. I would not buy anything from there but you can look at some 1Test and 4AD for a nice cycle.

  3. alittlewhiteboy
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    Where can i pick them up, where is the best place price wise. thanks.

  4. Right here to just buy them Go check out the member store.

  5. I think it so funny when people ask where can i get this stuff. hehehe. Sorry . talk to ya...
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