joint pain on superdrol

  1. joint pain on superdrol

    Does anyone else experience this? If so what can I do to combat it?

  2. Yes. Stacking with a wet compound such as test or 4AD works for me. You may try Cissus as that has reportedly great results for joint pain. You need to be very carefull on SD as the increase in strength coupled with the dry joints can cause injury.
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    glucosomine, omega flex support and cissus will do wonders... you should be taking glucosomine year round anyways for your joints.

  4. I love the dry gains that SD gives me, but the joint pain is almost unbearable. It hurts most at night. I have a hard time sleeping soundly with my shoulders aching so badly.

  5. You could have low hormone levels prior all this while and the SD made it worse. A pre-cycle bloodwork could be useful.



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