Hey all! Well, I was a little bored and surfing around and stumbled onto this site... Looked like a site I could use in my portfolio, so I joined. A little about how I found the site etc. It might be a little long, but hell, kinda sounded good after I read it back to myself. Anyway, if you don't care about the bs, the questions and help needed are at the bottom!

As a 39 yr/old guy, I find myself in pretty good shape, undergoing physical therapy from an on the job injury to low back. The PT has really re-awakened my sense of physical shape, look, etc. While I have always stayed in relatively good shape, (stayed away from fast food etc) I had found that the working years were starting to have a negative impact not only on my physical appearance, but my mental image as well. Gosh, seems like it wasn't really all that long ago, in shape, on the go, work out 5 days a week through college.

Anyway, long story short, I got burned out being the boss, so took a physical labor job so I could be "the employee" for a while and really not give a **** about management etc, plus the extra benefit of working out and getting paid for it sure made sense... until I hurt the lumbar. I always use good technique and this time I turned just right while lifting and pop... I am hurt... and pop, I am back into myself as I go through all the PT etc. Well, my work ethic, body structure, and 14 months on that job sure fooled those PT people. Here was a PT student taking measurements etc and initially trying to imply there was no way my abs were strong enough to just start with her therapy, even the biggest muscle guy in her class couldn't do things the particular way she wanted, her instructor taught, and her book said...as she continued, I thought, wtf? Did she not just hear me? Ok, so I proved it to her and thought she was going to **** her pants when proven wrong! Good ego boost too!

So, that is the long way around how I found this site. I swiped an unused scale from an old college buddy who didnt use it anymore, he had digital now and I have no idea how to use this damned thing. Wait, I take that back. It's not how to use it, it's how to calibrate it and how to manipulate the slides according to need. It is a 4 gram Calibron scale. Cheap and accurate enough for my needs, once I figure out how to make sure I am getting good readings. Any help out there? I have looked, site after site, found lots for sale, same thing, but no manual or user instructions etc.

Thanks again,