Fina, prop, super one plus question....

  1. Fina, prop, super one plus question....


    I was wondering, i have am going to doing a cycle with PVL Profina which is 150mg/Prop + 100mg of Tren/cc. I am going to be running this for about 6-8 weeks i havent decided yet. But I also have a brand new bottle of Avant Labs Super one plus. I was wondering if i could stack this with my Profina? Would it be benificial and worth it to use both? what are your thoughts? thanks in advance.

  2. Test and tren are powerful enough on their own. Don't bother with the PH..just save it for a mini-cycle. TW, how is that profina? I heard it hurts like a bitch.

  3. I have yet to find out lol.... I am going to be starting my cycle in a week or two. I hope it doesnt hurt to bad, it cant be any worse then suspension.

  4. LOL.. well you might be right there KW..

  5. Wow I have never seen someone **** their testicles before.



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