Does Any one know the Difference Between the two Halodrols

  1. Does Any one know the Difference Between the two Halodrols

    I keep on seeing haldrol being advertised as the new batch and the old batch. Does anyone know the difference or is there no difference.

  2. Until some independent testing is done (if at all), no one will know for sure. Supposedly the "new" batch is just having an inactive ingredient removed. However, independent testing of the first batch showed that it contained an active ingredient (Madol) not listed on the label. So, your guess is as good as mine.

    If you're looking to buy some, my advice would be to get some of the original batch because there is a lot of user feedback about efficacy and (perceived) lack of sides. The "new" batch may turn out to be a great improvement or it may turn out to be bunk. Your guess is as good as mine.

  3. Be careful if you look to order some of this "first batch".

    I think folks are floating the boxes that just came out and calling them the initial run.

    I've got some of both. The only difference I noticed is that the new caps are slightly more "green". (Or some color like that.)

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