How many people drink lot's of coffee during/post PCT? (Delayed SD Gyno Thread)

  1. How many people drink lot's of coffee during/post PCT? (Delayed SD Gyno Thread)

    Since there are a few prevailing theories of the delayed gyno after an SD cycle + ATD included PCT, I think it's good if we can eliminate coffee as a potential aggravator of gyno as well.

    Like Soy, Coffee is also a phytoestrogen so depending on how strongly it binds and activates, it could theoretically, not be a good thing to ingest during the PCT period and afterwards. Just one more thing to make the test/est ratio potentially worse.

    So for those that drink 1 or 2 or more cups daily, can you post if you developed any itchness or not during or post PCT? Also include whether you used ATD's and Nolva as well.

    Also, we need to hear from how many people who don't drink coffee or lots of beer, and see if they got tenderness or not after an SD PCT. Also include whether you used ATD's and Nolva as well.

    Here's some other common natural phytoestrogens. Yes, beer is one too, it's the hops. I'm assuming that those who get itchy nips are not drinking tons of beer too, because that may help make the ratio worse as well.

  2. Bump,,,

    I am addicted to coffee, usually drink about 4-5 cups a day. I have done previous pro-hormones and cycles of MD1T, ( a milder form of m1T).
    I have never had any gyno issues and never stopped drinking coffee during those cycles or during PCT.

    I am currently on a SD cycle and starting week 3 @ 30mg/d. and have no signs of gyno, or any other bad sides yet..

    IMO if you are prone to gyno, it will happen if you drink coffee or not.

    I hope this helps,, I'll let you know after I finish my PCT if I have any problems.

  3. same here i drink coffee everyday 2-3 cups. love the ****, ddint know it was a phytoestrogen. Oh well ran 2 sd cycles 1 solo the other with 1ad never had a problem with gyno.

  4. Lifelong coffee addict here..2 cups everyday without interuption since I was 9. Have run numerous cycles and only had a slight gyno related tenderness during my last cycle that was 5 weeks of 4AD/19 Nor/1 Test and ended in 10 days of SD. That's a fairly wet stack so I wasn't surprised to get some tenderness.

    It went away completely with Nolva and Ultra Hotter udring PCT for 4 weeks.

    Overall, my physique tends to run pretty dry..fairly lean, nips have never been large or puffy except during wet cycles and not much chest fat.

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