Halodrol-50 Question

  1. Halodrol-50 Question

    Is nolva necessary to take for PCT. I have read so many contradictions I dont know who to believe. I know it is better to be safe then sorry. Thanks in advance.

  2. Some sort of PCT is necessary, e.g. clomid or nolva

  3. Searching the boards helps a ton too. There are many threads about proper PCT.

    But to answer your question after taking halodrol id say rebound xt or the like with a cort blocker will be sufficient. You can use Nolva and or clomid but ive always gone with an ATD for PCT.
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  4. Thanks for the replys. Yes I have searched a ton but found the contradictions thus my question. I know you should do some kind of PCT but was wondering if Nolva is necessary thanks

  5. Your best bet is Nolvadex. If you want to use an ATD product you could (I wouldnt recommend it tho). Nolva should still be the CORE of any PCT. I would go with 20mg for 4 weeks as a bare minimum. If you choose to use one of the many AI based "PCT" products on the market use them towards the end of the PCT.

    There has been a ton of discussion related to this. You should be able to come to your own conclusions fairly easily.
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  6. This is where all the confusion comes in ; SERM (Nolva) or ATD (Rebound XT or Novedex Extreme for estrogen control) with Lean Extreme to reduce cortisol. Halodrol-50 is not supposed to very harsh, and Gaspari says it doesn't aromatise. I would take something for liver protection during the cycle and during PCT (whichever you decide to go with).
    Blood work should be done prior to the cycle and again about two weeks after the end of PCT. (so as to give your body time to get back to normal)
    I would also add a few other supps to my PCT;
    DHEA, Tribulus, and Fenugreek, along with my multi vitamin. Different people react differently. Figure out what is best for and go from there.


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