Superdrol and Andro?

  1. Superdrol and Andro?

    What do you guys think about stacking Superdrol and Andro?

    I can get two bottles of AST 19-Nor 3-Andro from a friend for really cheap(this stuff http://www.bodybuildingsupplements.o...ndro-78601.htm), and I have a bottle of Superdrol.

    I'd probably go with a 4 week cycle, maybe 6 if I want to start the andro 2 weeks sooner than the Superdrol. I know M1T or other ones are probably much better, but this is the only andro product I can get...
    I'm actually not even sure how good it is.... it describes it as a precursor to hormones..... anybody know if it will work well on this cycle or even by itself or not?


  2. Use the search function. This has been covered before. Here is an example :
    Recent log:

  3. awwww my bad

    i should of thought of that.... i guess i thought it was a unique situation

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