need help to bridge between cycles...

  1. need help to bridge between cycles...

    as my 6 week cycle comes closer to its close and PCT is around the corner i am trying to figure out what would be the best 3-4 month bridge before my late summer cycle.

    -i was thinking about using either hexatropin or p-GH for 3-4 months and maybe stack it with a 50 days worth of xfaxtor also

    any of the guys who run 2-3 cycles a year- what is ur fav. supps to bridge between???

    with respect and admiration,

  2. activate

  3. Quote Originally Posted by UberPooper1
    i got rebound also - what about the full NHA stack??

  4. Food and more food!!!bro i would go with NHA stacked with X-FACTOR and POWERFUL.

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