Blood work help, post SD cycle.

  1. Blood work help, post SD cycle.

    Hey guys, long time lurker and first time poster. My roommates told me about this site and I decided to do a SD cycle some months back. I did a 4 week 10/20/20/20 split and made awesome gains off it. I did a successful PCT with novladex/clomid. I just recently had blood work run, it seems very odd that these things are out of wack 3+ months later?

    Some of the stuff on my bloodwork tested on 12/5/05
    Total Cholestrol:140
    Chol/HDL ratio 1.8
    LDL/HDL Ratio .8
    Triglycerides 18
    WBC: 4.1
    Testosterone: 624
    I'm glad to see my PCT was successful,...and now for what has me pretty sketch my blood pressure is 140/80, while not terrible it seems pretty high for months later.

    I'm going back to have more blood work drawn in a few weeks.

    I've been running Hawthorne Berry, Celery Seed, Sesamin, fish oils as part of my daily regime. On PCT I also used RYR/COQ10. Sorry if it sounds like i'm freaking out, just trying to stay safe.

  2. Very strange on the trigs. Unless you were workout free for a few days the ast/ alt are not very reliable. Next time you check for liver function include GGT as it is a better indicator since it is an enzyme found primarily in liver tissue.

    Should have a smiley next to that TEST level.
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  3. I had a quick look around and can't find much on low trigs??

    You cholesterol numbers are excellant, and test is good too!

    Agree with Jonny 21 your ALT could be elevated if you had worked out the day before.

  4. Are there any dangers to having a low triglyceride numbers?

  5. Thats what i was looking for, will have another look...

  6. Look all over and cannot find anything about danger of triglycerides being to low.

  7. Normal Values

    Normal: Less than 150 mg/dL
    Borderline High: 150-199 mg/dL
    High: 200-499 mg/dL
    Very High: 500 mg/dL or above

    What abnormal results mean

    High triglyceride levels may be associated with a higher risk for heart disease and stroke. This is especially true because people with high triglycerides often have other conditions, such as diabetes and obesity, that increase the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease.

    High triglyceride levels may indicate:

    Familial hyperlipoproteinemia (rare)
    Low protein in diet and high carbohydrates
    Poorly controlled diabetes
    Nephrotic syndrome

    Low levels may indicate:

    Malabsorption syndrome (inadequate absorption of nutrients in the intestinal tract)
    Low fat diet

    If you want more access to where I found this information with more indepth info on this subject, I would advise you go to:

    by the way, good luck as Im betting on a "Low fat diet"....if thats your current position.


  8. Intresting, i'm not really on a low fat diet. I eat lean cuts of meat and get lots of flax/fish/sensamin. I trained boxing and wrestling for a long, I still box often for cardio purposes. I'm guessing that is why my lipids are in decent shape. Now I just have to fix my stubborn blood pressure.

  9. Trig. are elevated substantially with high carb/processed sugar intake over a prolonged period. It's all about how the body packages and delievers them via VLDL synthesis. Are you own a low to moderate carb diet? I had blood work done at the end of a low carb diet and my trigs where around 22.
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  10. Actually i'm eatting everything in site , My diet is high protein, high carb, mod/low fat. Eventually I will start cutting, but i'm afraid to start another cycle till I get everything in check.

  11. Just thought i'd let everyone know i've had some labs run agian today on my liver values. Should see the results within 24hrs.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Trainforpain
    Just thought i'd let everyone know i've had some labs run agian today on my liver values. Should see the results within 24hrs.
    Cool, keep us posted.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  13. Cholesterol looks too low as well, imo. Cholesterol <160 is not beneficial based upon my research.

  14. *update*

    ALT ->25

    My my that bottle of phrea plex looks mighty tempting right now.....


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