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    From Dr.Juice At CJM

    - I just want to make a little post on the different esters contained in various AS compounds, particularly testosterone. Ive included chemical structure as well as pronunciation.

    - Acetate (ass-e-tate): Chemical Structure C2H4O2
    Acetate is an extremely light ester and makes a drug extremely fast acting. Acetate is commonly found in trenbolone (as distilled from cattle implants) but also in oral Primobolan tablets. It has occasionally been used with testosterone. Acetate should be injected at least every other day, but daily is preferable. If using oral Primobolan, take your weekly dosage divided up daily.

    - Propionate (pro-pin-nate): Chemical Structure C3H6O2
    Propionate esters release the drug over the course of a few days, therefore injections should be at least every 3 days, although every other day is preferable. Propionate is a common ester of testosterone.

    - Phenyl propionate (fennel-pro-pin-nate): Chemical Structure C9H10O2
    This ester is slightly longer acting then propionate Injections should be given at least twice weekly. Durabolin is the drug most commonly seen with a phenylpropionate ester (nandrolone phenylpropionate). Phenyl propionate is also found in Organonís blend of Sustanon.

    - Isocaproate (ice-o-ka-proate): Chemical Structure C6H12O2
    Isocaproate lasts in the body about half as long as enanthate. Injections should be made on a bi-weekly basis. This ester is used with testosterone in the blended products like Sustanon.

    - Caproate (ka-pro-ate): Chemical Structure C6H12O2
    This ester has the same chemical make-up as Isocaproate, but is arranged differently (I know you donít really care how). It has a slightly longer period of action than Isocaproate, but not significantly enough to modify an injection scheme. One a week is sufficiently frequent. This ester is also found in blends like Sustanon.

    - Enanthate (en-a-thate): Chemical Structure C7H14O2
    Enanthate is one of the most prominent esters used in steroid manufacture (most commonly seen with testosterone but is also used in other compounds like Primobolan Depot). Enanthate lasts in the body for about 2 weeks (12-14 days). Technically injections should be bi-weekly (twice per week), but practically weekly injections are just as effective.

    - Cypionate (sip-o-nate): Chemical Structure C8H14O2
    For all practical purposes, cypionate is exactly the same as enanthate.

    - Decanoate (deca-noate): Chemical Structure C10H20O2
    Weekly injections are sufficient, although this compound has a period of action of almost a month

    - Undecylenate (un-de-cy-kla-noate): Chemical Structure C11H20O2
    Undecylenate is found in the veterinary preparation Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate). Weekly injections are ideal.

    - Undecanoate (un-deca-noate): Chemical Structure C11H22O2
    Undecanoate is not a commonly found ester, and only appears to be used in the nandrolone preparation Dynabolan, and oral testosterone undecanoate (Andriol). Weekly injections will suffice.

  2. Good newbie info bro. Those new to the juice game should really copy this to their computer.

  3. Nice review Bone, thanks!

  4. Any info about the Laurate ester?

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