anadrol or dbol?

  1. anadrol or dbol?

    Guys Ive heard alot of different things and alot of different stories..... i want yalls opinons just the people who have took it.... What one is better pound for pound for strength and mass. Anadrol or Dbol? i am lookin for somethin to stack with test to put on some mass.... big time mass. peace

  2. drol for the most strength and mass, kills appetite in some.

    dbol for respectable strength and mass, feel pretty damn good while on.

    i hate them both for back cramp reasons though.

  3. You can't go wrong with either with test for mass. I love me some d-bol and test. I would probably use whichever I could get cheaper.

  4. Dbol + Test = Mass. I prefer dbol because of the appetite (as mentioned above).

  5. Anadrol can make it pretty obvious that you are on gear. Can you say blowfish?
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  6. My friend took dbol and said the side effects were way too out of control.

  7. how about tren instead of either

  8. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    how about tren instead of either
    I Second that comment

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr
    Anadrol can make it pretty obvious that you are on gear. Can you say blowfish?
    Dbol isn't any better for that lol. I'd say dbol is still a better choice though of the two.

  10. if you haven't used either - i'd start with dbol, I believe you'll be more than satisfied.
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  11. I liked Drol better. Better mass and strength gains, and I felt damn good on Drol w/Test.

  12. If you havent tried both, go with dbol first. I've tried both, got better results with anadrol but felt MUCH better on DBol. I like to alternate between the two from bulking cycle to bulking cycle.

  13. dbol hands down, its easier on your liver (you have to take only a fraction as much compared to the drol) you will feel better and as mentioned eat better all for what is a just a mildly less effective steriod, drol does work better just not very much. IMO its a no brainer.


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