Help with injection sight pain please

  1. Help with injection sight pain please

    I've a slight bump on my hip from a recent injection for about 2 days. There's about a 2" diameter pink spot over it now. Very little swelling. Have to feel it to notice. I injected 1cc of test e. on wed. then another 1cc on fri. in the same spot. I know that was stupid. My wife gives me the shots, she's a nurse and always follow proper procedures. Been using gear like this for about a year with no problems. Should I be concerned or just wait it out? Thanks guys.

  2. Wait it out. Take some Ibuprofen.

    Probably irritation from pinning the same spot.

    With your wife being a nurse I wouldn't worry too much..yet.

  3. Oh yea, and in the future be kinder to your cheek
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  4. Thanks man. I just got my rotation mixed up.
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    advil and a heating pad will work best for this. Heat the area for 20 minutes at least each day and it will go away.

  6. Keep an eye out for fever and red streaking, and if it doesn't look any better by friday than get it checked. You should be fine just keep adding heat on and off.

  7. Thanks guys. It's getting a little better and the pink spot is gone, but I still have a small hard knot.


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