Hair Loss Prevention?

  1. Hair Loss Prevention?

    Hair loss has been a topic raised quite a few times on many a board, Ive been doing a lot of reading on the subject lately...Seems like the best (side effect free and most effective) way is some kind of topical Bayberry/Spiro cream, possibly in cojunction with Nizoral shampoo.
    Is Spiro only available with a prescription? Is there any where I can get it online, and possibly bypass this? I dont have any insurance yet and I cant afford a doctor visit.

    Has anyone tried a bayberry only cream and seen results?

    Im 11 days into T1 at 5 squirts a day, and I dont notice any hair loss. I might lose a strand or two in the shower if I run my hand through my hair and yank hard on it. I am taking SawPalmetto at 6caps 2x a day while on cycle, but that's mainly for my prostate...from what I hear it does little if anything to stop 1test itself from binding the the androgen receptors, let alone the 'unknown pathway' DHT conversion...

    I am not planning another 1test cycle, at least not for at least another year at the earliest. Its that second 4week cycle that gets you from what Ive read, and Im not going to risk it.

    But, my hair has always been naturally thin and I am worried that it might go sometime in my 30s. (im 27 now). Id like to start taking steps to avoid that.

    Whats the best way to go about this?


  2. You definitely should worry. I am, and I'm only 21. I'm thinning and receding. I'm using minoxidel, spiro, and nizorel. Started a couple weeks ago when I wasn't even on a cycle. I hear if you combine all three, you should not loose anymore hair for the rest of your life as long as you apply the chemicals faithfully twice daily. So far I have, but I don't know if I can keep this up for 60 more years. Minoxidal 5% is a DHT antagonist, and when applied topically, it won't even interfere with your cycle cuz it doesn't enter the bloodstream. I know sites where you can purchase these separately, but I got mine from They're AAS experts and will answer all your questions...real good service. So far I haven't noticed any changes from this "hair stack", but maybe that's a good thing. talk to ya (both propecia and proscar will mess with your system and complicate your I'd definitely try this first)

  3. baham99, thanks so much for the site! Awesome prices too...

    I think I will start out trying Polysorbate80 shampoo and the Azelaeic Acid/Minoxodil solution. I'm not noticeably balding, but the hair on the top of my head is thinner than on the back and sides. My hairline hasnt really gone anywhere since I was 18, but it has the tell tale "I will have a receeding hairline someday" shape. I think if I take action now, I can thicken my hair and prevent future loss.

    You're right, all three chemicals every day for the rest of your life would be a greuling and expensive regimen to say the least. Maybe you could use it for a year straight, and then 'cycle' them somehow?

    Thanks again,

  4. Don't forget, you could always drop them a email and ask what's best for your situation, they're real friendly to help. You can even mention if you're gonna cycle gear or not.

  5. I emailed them last night and they responded this afternoon. Definately impressed. They said in the email that most users of the 2%spiro/azelic acid + minoxidl/Nizoral combo even start regrowing hair on cycle.
    This will be great if it works...Ill hopefully never look like Mr.Clean


  6. That's a good combo, but do not expect to see results (beyond the protective effects) for several months

  7. Hey Dio - I want to start it now mainly for the protective effects - Im not seeing any hairloss from the 1test, but if I start using now, hopefully Ill never lose my hair.

    Is there any advantage to cycling the products, say 5 months on, 2 months off, etc...? Just to keep costs down...

    Thanks for posting,

  8. No, cycling is not a good idea. If you need to keep costs down, reduce the # of items that you use. For example, you could only use spiro while on, and right after a cycle.

    If you're not losing anything currently, you might not want to use anything just yet. Just keep a close eye on things or if you think it's starting use either finasteride or a minox-azelaic acid combo.

  9. Dio - so how are the products applied? When do you apply them, and how much per application?


  10. Apply Spiro (2 droppers full) twice a day, morning and night are most sensible. The Minox = Azelaic combo, apply 1 dropper full twice a day, morning and night. However, let one dry (about 10 mins) first before applying the other. It doesnt' matter which order you apply them. So...

    8am: 2 drops of Spiro
    8:10am: 1 drop of Minox/Azelaic

    8pm: repeat same dose of Spiro
    8:10pm: repeat same dose of Minox/Azelaic

    (of course, try not to get your hair wet in a shower at least for a few hours...if you like to shower twice a day, just apply afterwards to a dried scalp.) This works for can also use nizorel eod.

  11. I do something similar to this, except that I apply the xandrox first and use a 5% spiro cream.

  12. Dio, what is xandrox? (and is the spiro cream better than liquid?)

  13. xandrox is a combo of azelaic acid (a 5ar inhibitor like propecia)and minoxidil.

    5% is strong than 2% (obviously) but is better for specific areas (like the front of your hairline) since it's a little harder to spread around

  14. How long have you been using this combo Dio? What kind of results have you seen. And, how far along was your hair loss before you started using the products?

    Thanks again,

  15. im going to get on a supplement called ght stack i got at max muscle it contains L-argine 1200mg,tribulis terrestris 900mg,zma 800mg,and mucuna pruriens 700mg is this stack bad for my hair?im also going to start propecia .thanks for any info

  16. Quote Originally Posted by stacked-deck
    im going to get on a supplement called ght stack i got at max muscle it contains L-argine 1200mg,tribulis terrestris 900mg,zma 800mg,and mucuna pruriens 700mg is this stack bad for my hair?im also going to start propecia .thanks for any info
    What is the GHT stack? Ive never known any herbal product to be rough on the hairline...


  17. Hey BigVrunga,

    Can you discuss why you chose the Polysorbate80 shampoo and the Azelaeic Acid/Minoxodil solution as opposed to the minoxidel, spiro, and nizorel baham suggested? here is my situation, i only notice a problem area on the front right side of my hairline. I have a TON of hair, so even though I have been losing hair while i ran my hands through my hair for several years, i haven't noticed ANY problems (from looks alone) until recently. Just curious what would be the best combo for me.

  18. Dang this is an old thread

    Ive never used the Polysorbate80 shampoo, but I do use RegrowthTreatmentShampoo - which is Nizoral 2% and Salicylic acid.

    Since I started this thread some years back, Ive arrived a solution for hair loss prevention that has been working pretty well. Check out the 'hair loss prevention' sticky at the top of the page.

    Losing a few strands when you run your hands through or tug on it a bit is normal - on the level of about 50-100 hair a day if you're in a shedding phase.

    I actually have the same issue as you - there's a spot on the front right of my scalp that appears to be a little bit thinner than the surrounding area. Frustratingly, this has also been the area to respond slowest to treatments.

    When I started using the Laser Comb EOD for 10 mins/session, I started to see improvements. Finasteride seems to help as well.

    My current hair loss prevention stack is:

    ~1..25mg Finasteride 1x per day
    Minoxidil/Azelaic Acid 2x per day
    Regrowth Shampoo 3x/week
    Laser Comb EOD for 10min

    Seems to be working well, my hair loss has ceased and is gradually getting thicker.

    I wouldnt use Spiro as a daily treatment, as it seems that its possible for it to be absorbed into the blood stream. Some users have reported negative sides, while others seem to be OK with it. You can try it, but if you notice anything like decreased sex drive, dizzyness, low ejaculate volume, etc stop using it. IMO, its best for use on a cycle with a hormone that does not convert through 5AR but still aggrevates MPB.


  19. The addition of dutasteride made a noticeable improvment on my hairline. libido seems a little slow. I also use AA/min., niz, and sometimes spiro.

  20. Sorry for the bump of a thread from 2003. I actually have long hair, but the thinner portion on the right side of my forehead pisses me off everytime i see it. I am guessing we have the same issue, but hopefully it will respond to treatment. I have read your sticky, but this thread came out of nowhere.

  21. DAMN, the laser comb is an expensive little f*****... Maybe I'll stick to some of the other products mentioned before investing in that little gizmo...

  22. Bro, check out the hairloss prevention sticky at the top of the page. You can build one yourself for $50

  23. Yeah, i saw that, but then that would mean i trust my skills in building something. Looked pretty simple and I will look into it, but i was hoping that I could just snatch one up, wasn't expecting the price tag i saw, that's all. Anyhow, thanks for all the help and info.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    What is the GHT stack? Ive never known any herbal product to be rough on the hairline...

    the ght stack contains those ingriedents that i mentioned are those ingriedents in that amount bad for my hair?


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