Opinion: 1-AD, Liquid Mag 10, Halodrol, Mag-10 Legacy, E...max LMG

  1. Opinion: 1-AD, Liquid Mag 10, Halodrol, Mag-10 Legacy, E...max LMG

    If a guy had all of these just chilling at home, awaiting use, which would you guys recommend for best gains (size and strength) and least side effects. I have, I mean he has researched them all, but am looking for real world experience from others who have tried them. He'll probably use 1 and sell the rest.... so anyone wanna help him decide?

    Just put the burger there cause I am freakin hungry.

  2. for size i think Mag 10 would be cool, That was my first 1test combo usage, and I gained 10lbs in 2 weeks, not fat either, skin was oily and shootin people with pus but i was 225 !!! ergomax was good but prefer phera plex! Going to try Halodrol, and never used 1ad, all my friends got nothing from it...SO there u have it.

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