Quick question: T1 pro timing

  1. Quick question

    I'm starting on a T-1pro tomorrow and I'm applying 2squirts so 4ml a day. I'm just wondering how far apart should the 2 applications be. 12 hours apart?

  2. Not sure why this is in the training section but, the idea is to keep plasma levels high, so I would assume doses expanded apart through the day. Say one at 7am, and another at 6pm.

  3. I don't know why it came up as training I just put it out there real quick and forgot to put the correct subject. But thanks for the answer YJ, appreciate it.
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    Originally posted by jminis
    12 hours apart?
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    Originally posted by scotty2

    Nice Mr. Lunchbox, nice



  6. I might be the only person who messes with this...but when I can't do exactly 12 hours, I up or lower the squirts depending on the discrepancy, at an attempt to keep even blood concentration. For example, if I know I'm going out real late that night and I won't be able to apply until 16 hours, I will give an extra squirt. OR, I will squirt extra when I come home, but the next morning, roughly 8 hours later, I will decrease a squirt.


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