Please critique my upcoming cycle!

  1. Please critique my upcoming cycle!

    Long time lurker, first post. Please critique my upcoming cycle.

    I am 29, weigh about 265lbs, have about 23% bodyfat and compete in powerlifting.

    I do not have much history using PH, I did a cycle of andro back in college which did nothing for me, and have done 2 SD cycles. The last SD cycle I did was 6 weeks, 20mg e.d. week 1 then 40mg e.d. weeks 2-6. I added some 4AD weeks 5-6 @ 600mg e.d. to help with libido (it did). My PCT consisted of 4 weeks of Nolva, 40/30/20/20. I did half of a 5th week of nolva at 10 just because I had some left in the bottle.

    I had blood work done 4 weeks after my PCT was finished and everything came back fine, nothing elevated, cholesterol was fine, liver was great (a concern with running a methyl at the dosage I took for 6 weeks). Through the whole cycle I took milk thistle, fish oil, etc. I do not drink alcohol at all. My blood pressure is borderline (135/80) but my Dr. isn't worried about it. I won't be this heavy for long and after my goals are reached I'll drop back down to the 220's. I will be taking celery seed, etc. for it just to be safe. My wife is a nurse so I get to check on the BP and whatnot regularly.

    My best bench is 665lbs and I'd like to get over the 700lb mark.

    I have available to me Superdrol, Prostanozol, E-Max, S1+, and some old 4AD. I also have M1T but I'll probably just toss it out. As far as body weight gain goes, I don't really care, I'd like to stay close to the 275lb weight class limit, if I go to 280 that's fine, but any more than that and I'll be in the 308's which I'd like to avoid (for now).

    I have plenty of bodyfat to work with, some of it is beneficial for my lifting (helps the leverages), but I struggle to maintain my current level of body weight (5 years ago I was 145lbs, got to 245 with nothing other than protein and creatine). If I could lose some bodyfat while doing this cycle that would be great, but overwhelmingly so my primary goal is strength (obviously).

    Of what I have available, here are my thoughts.

    Week 1 20mg SD
    Week 2 30mg SD
    Week 3 30mg SD 25mg Pros
    Week 4 30mg SD 50mg Pros
    Week 5 30mg SD 100mg Pros
    Week 6 30mg SD 150mg Pros
    Week 7 100mg Pros
    Week 8 100mg Pros

    The competition will be on week 6. Week 7 is typically just a rest week, or at least just minor lifting. The reason I'm extending some of the cycle out there past the competition is to help solidify some gains and also because I've found that I continue to grow stronger and get PR's 2 weeks after I
    stop taking SD.

    As far as PCT goes, I was thinking of using Nolva and follow a pattern like: 10/20/30/20/10. The more common dosage of 40/30/20/20 really sent my libido for a loop, so I'd like to try a lower dosage spread out over a longer period of time. Obviously I will have enough Nolva on hand for the higher dosage amount should any concerns arise.

    I canít think of a good way to use the E-Max LMG in this cycle unless I started out on it at a low dose and dropped the SD accordingly ĖIíve searched but got conflicting results on it. Ideas?

    Same thing with the S1+. I will probably jsut do a S1+ cycle on it's own at some later point 6-8 months down the road, unless someone here thinks it's a better idea to use it now.

    Thanks for your time and thoughts.


  2. that seems way too long to be running SD. i think most will agree. not to mention i dont think the gains are very good past week 3-4.

  3. Part of that has to do with how you peak for a powerlifting cycle.

    Working backwards from the day of the meet, the week previous you do not lift. The week before THAT, you just do your openers. So that's 2 weeks of very low volume training...

    See what I'm getting at?


  4. In my opinion, 25 & 50 mg of Pro are just a waste. Remember it itsn't methylated & must be run in high amounts to really be useful. JMO.

  5. Add some S1+ in their, S1+ stacked with 4-derm made me strong as hell, if you can get some transdermal 1-test, run a high dose of that along with some 4-ad and you'll be strong as hell.

  6. So maybe do 6 weeks of the S1+, a lower dose of SD the last 3 weeks and the pros. for say 4 weeks in there at a 100mg or so?

    Thanks guys, this is really helping me out to be able to discuss this stuff!


  7. I'd run the S1+ either 6 or 8 weeks, i ran it for 8 weeks with great results. And ya the pros sounds good, i don't have any experience with SD though. Try to run 4-ad throughout, because after all, TEST IS BEST


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