T1 and DMSO

  1. hemotep
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    T1 and DMSO

    Ok, Im prtty sure i just mix the two togehter and shake really well, but I just want to be positive that I am supposed to dump the whole dmso bottle in with the T1. Im just confused as to why they were in seperate bottles.

    And by the way, you guys rock, placed my order monday night, and already got my stuff!!!!

  2. dump the whole sucka in...and shake du'...shake till you cant no more. the reason why the dmso and the transdermal comes seperately is cuz its illegal...issues.

  3. The DMSO is sold separately because it is a solvent that is to used when cleaning up any spilled transdermal gel

    However, if you are a relatively clean bro and there is no spillage the DMSO is an EXCELLENT penetration enhancer...simply add the bottle and shake well.

  4. hemotep
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    Sounds cool. Mixed it up and applied....smelt kinda like fruit loops to me.

  5. mmmmmmmmmm fruit loops



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