2 week pher plex cycle?

  1. 2 week pher plex cycle?

    do you think a two week cycle of pher plex would generate significant results??? or is a 3 week cycle recommended... i'm still researching for my first cycle

    the dosing for a 3 week cycle would be 10/20/20

    however, i'm not sure what it would look like on 20 weeks maybe 10/20

    any ideas?

  2. Definetely go with a 3 week cycle, if you are still gaining, extend it to a 4 week cycle. 2 week cycle would be ineffecient IMO.

  3. 2 weeks would be a waste, for most, 2 weeks you maybe see 1-2lbs gains.
    and with no ATD you would be shut down, not really worth it IMHO...

  4. So, when exactly should it kick in? I'm runnin 30 at day 15,.. was thinking of just calling it quits in 2 more days. Only seen 2 pounds (everything is right- maybe I just dont respond to PP or something)

  5. 30mgs on day 15, well i would have not ran it that high for the first week or two, if you have not used before, and i am guessing you are 185 like 7-9% bf with a high metabolism, its going to be hard for you to gain some mass unless you bump your protein twice your daily reqs. so pp might be working but seeing that you have ran it for 30mgs stay that way or ramp down for the last 2 weeks, but stay on it for at least 4 weeks.

  6. When I've taken PP, I've needed 2 weeks at 20mg ed to notice any effect. After about 14 days it started to kick in and felt good. I've never gone more than 30 days total with any combo.


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