Prostan w/ PP or after PP

  1. Prostan w/ PP or after PP

    I'm doing a 3 week Phera Plex and Prostanozol cycle soon. I was planning on stacking the two for 3 weeks, then doing PCT. I've noticed some do the Phera Plex first, then the Prostanozol after. This would make the length of the cycle longer, is there any advantage in doing this that's actually noticable?

  2. Either way is fine; just depends on how you respond and how short/long you wanna be on.

    For this cycle, I would run PP for weeks 1-3 and prostan for weeks 1-6 but doubling the prostan. dose from 75mg to 150mg/day for weeks 3-6 (when running it alone).

  3. Prostan does not kick in fast, so I'd go go as milwood suggested you, eventually running PP for 4 weeks instead of 3.

  4. Ok I'll give that at a try, and maybe I'll run the PP for 4 weeks this time since I've already done a 3 week cycle of it. Thanks

  5. keep us updated, bro



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