Getting Flu-like symptoms at end of SD cycle?

  1. Getting Flu-like symptoms at end of SD cycle?

    I have 4 days left on a month long SD cycle 10/20/20/30 and I don't know if I really have the flu or the 30mg dose is too much for me and messing me up.

    Whatever it is, I would like to stop early and go straight to PCT for the next month but I'm worried that if I really do have the flu that I may lose all the gains in PCT.

    I have no energy to train or eat right now so my gains are done. What do you guys think of me dropping the dose to 20mg or maybe even 10mg and getting tons of rest before starting PCT? Any other advice?

  2. I ran into some big time lethargy in the fourth week of my SD cycle, and I never even bumped up to 30 mg...I stayed at 20 mg. Your flu-like symptoms could very well be from the SD side effects...or you could just have the flu.

    I would drop the dose back to 20 mg and get some rest. Just make sure you have the proper PCT gear on hand and keep your daily calories just as high during PCT.

  3. it sucks when you feel like crap and dont want to eat but think of all the hell that you put yourself through this last month to get the gains that you did. Now go eat something.

  4. I did a cycle of M1T and a cycle of SD. Both times I became ill at the end of the cycle. I'm currently in a cycle of Phera Plex. If it happens again that will be the end of these for me.
  5. MMM


  6. I beleive its the body not liking the methylated compounds. If i think correctly they lower the immune system especially the harsher ones.

    That or the sudden surge in the 30mg dose, reason i say this is because some ppl get "test" flu when there bodys get a really big surge of test, most of the time off test prop, but some people get it off of any type of test. Thats what i think, id lower the dosage to 20 or even 10mgs and see how you do. Try to eat as much as you can to keep ur gains.

    Good luck bro
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  7. I found on SD 30 I got the flu symptoms in week 4, lost around 5lbs due to this

    20 or 30 on a 3 week cycle felt fine and still made very reasonable gains

    Its what your body can handle and how good your pct is


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