Stacking MOHN & 3alpha

  1. Stacking MOHN & 3alpha

    Thinking about doing a 5 weeker of MOHN with 3 alpha. Thinking about doing it like this:
    WK1: MOHN 24mgs/day
    WK2: MOHN 24mgs/day
    WK3: MOHN 24mgs/day 3alpha 75-100mgs/day
    WK4: MOHN 32mgs/day 3alpha 75-100mgs/day
    WK5: MOHN 32mgs/day 3alpha 75-100mgs/day

    I'm not too sure on the 3 alpha, is 3 weeks enough? should I do it for the whole cycle?

    I'm looking to get rid of some bodyfat and add a couple of pounds of LBM

    Nolva, dhea, fenugreek and maybe powerFULL for pct, NAC, and Saw palmetto for liver and prostate.

  2. Unless you are already lean the 3 alpha doesn't really show much in body compostion. I liked it very much when I ran 8 weeks M4OHN with 1-Test for the first 4 weeks and 3 alpha the last 4 weeks. Had I been more lean when I started it would have been even nicer. Your plan looks good. You can likley run the M4OHN for 6-8 weeks at that dose and you could add a week of the 3 alpha for a total of 4 weeks.

  3. I like the 2 together. I'd suggest going 6 weeks total rather than 5, and use the 3-alpha transdermally at 150mg/day. If you're going with 3a orally, I'd up the dose. Be ready to lower it if androgenic sides come up, but it should lean you out and add some strength and hardness with the M4OHN. Let us know how it goes!

  4. If I do it for 6 weeks instead of 5 should I run 16mgs for the first week, then up to 24,24,24,32,32? or just add one more week @ 32mgs/day to the current cycle?

    Here is my only real problem, I have 2gms of mohn powder. I was hoping to split it and get 2 cycles out of it, which if I do this one for 6weeks, the next one would either have to be shorter or lower dosages for the same length cycle.

    What would you guys do?

    Also the 3alpha will indeed be a transdermal and I'll run it for 4weeks instead of the 3 I had planned to do. I think I'll start w/ 100mg per day and see how I react to it then up it to 150 if my body takes it well. I planned to dose the 3 alpha twice daily (once early once late). Or should I just take the entire does before my workout.


  5. to conserve your M4 powder, I'd start the first 2 weeks at 16-20mg, then crank it up to 24, 32, or even 36 for the last weeks. I think it just needs to get going in your system for the early weeks to really kick in in the later weeks.

    I'd divide the 3a doses morning and evening, although you might wanna do one dose 1-2 hours pre-workout, depending what time of day you lift.

    Eat clean, especially low GI carbs, plenty of protein, flax oil, and water. Should be a nice run...



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