AAS cycle input

  1. AAS cycle input

    Over the past 2 years i have done a few cycles of 1AD and SD with good results and nothing to complain about other than the annoying sides especially the back pumps. Even before i did my first cycle of 1AD i was skeptical of the adverse affects and did my research and learned of pct and all that stuff. Now i feel i need to go a step further and do what the big boys do. After looking around the boards it seems that the best overall AAS stack is a tren/test combo and although my sources are kinda limited i think i should be able to get that pretty easily. I can probably get some winny and dbol too. Just looking for input on dosages and cycle length right now. I know that test is administered once a week at 500-750mg and tren is done every other day at about 75-150mg. As for cycle length i guess that may depend on how much i can get but an 8 week supply shouldn't be too hard.

  2. What are your stats, height, weight etc?
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  3. height- 5'11'' 3/4

    weight- 227

    bf% approx 18%

    max lifts right now:

    bench press- 355
    squat- 430
    military- 225
    deadlift- don't go too heavy here but approx 450

  4. what pct have you planned as well as A.I's or SERMs in case of gyno or high bp/liver supps ?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by WATERLOGGED
    what pct have you planned as well as A.I's or SERMs in case of gyno or high bp/liver supps ?

    i always have nolva when doing any cycle. for pct i usually run a test booster like rebound xt along with the nolva. pct also consists of milk thistle, red yeast rice, and hawthorne. everyday supps are glucosamine, saw palmetto, CEE, and i guess you could say milk thistle too but i usually don't take it during a cycle.

  6. Since you have already run some strong shizzit and you are over 200lbs, I would humbly suggest 750 to 1000mg test ew and hold off on the tren till the next one. If you have an adverse reaction while taking multiple new compounds you will not know the source. Run the test for at least 10 weeks, pref 12. I suggest Test Enanthate for a first time pinner as you only need to inject once or twice ew (I do 2x ew for more stable blood levels and less gear at one time). The Enan will take 3-6 weeks to really kick in so you may want to use some transdermal test for the first few weeks ( I love that method personally), many prefer Prop but you would be pinning eod not including the Enan. Also consider running something for the few weeks after your last inject to keep ya goin while the test levels slowly drop. There, thats my 2 cents
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  7. the first cycle should be test enan imo , but if you want a lot of first timers go with a bread and buter stack.
    wk 1-6 d-bol......50mg/ed
    wk 1-12 test e...500mg/wk....250mg on mon.&250 on thur.
    wk15-18 nolva 40,40,20,20

    this is a good beginner cycle,save the rest fo your next cycle.


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