Absolute lowest dose for gains with Oral Primo to get hard while cutting?

  1. Question Absolute lowest dose for gains with Oral Primo to get hard while cutting?

    What would you bros say is the lowest you can go with primo ace when cutting?

    I am thinking 50mg is possible...
    Not really trying to blow up at all (OBVIOUSLY)..but just want to be a little extra vascular and hard and hold on to a little muscularity while trying to cut...

    assuming the primo is real...should 50mg do the trick?

    I am sure it will, but I am hoping that someone can give me some experience...

    I strongly believe that low dose AAS can produce gains that are plenty good for the average guy..

    I have done about 8 test cycles and only gone above 500 on two shots ever (750) and I have always loved it....


  2. I'm not sure if this is an option, but I'd definitely get the injectable primo if possible.

    By no means am I am expert, but I don't think 50mg of oral primo a day would do much. I don't even think 350mg of primo injected a week would cause much of an effect.

    how about low dose test with ~400mg of EQ?

  3. 50mg is going to be to low in my opinion. Remeber that primo tabs are not 17aa but rather 1-methylated(if I recall correctly), so 75-100mg spread over the course of a day would be the lowest to go.

  4. see Im currently running 40mg/day Oral Turin..and was thinking of throwing that in at the end to hang on to what I have and really drag it out for a few months and continue to cut on it til the summer and then throw in a good solid PCT regimen for about three weeks to a month Nolva, etc...

    do you think throwing in Var would be a good option instead...I actually get it cheapr than primo...40-50mg/day?

    I believe var will shut you down more than primo, but I am just not sure how much....
    I forgot to throw in the Tbol info...so the 50mg primo even for a quasi-PCT bridge wouldn't work?

    How much var would you suggest in place of it?

    No pins are not a worry for me normally, but I just don't really want to cause any issues with my GF and I am not really that far into it to where I have to get too complex with any cycles right now since it's a basic summer cutter..

    I have used test/tren/eq in the past...but I just don't want pins in the equation right now..maybe later but not now..

    so any opinoosn besides USE PINS? ha ha


  5. Oral primo is crap, do not waste your money. Anavar is the much better choice.

  6. Anavar is a much better choice. HPTA suppression is going to occur.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by E-Swift25
    Oral primo is crap, do not waste your money. Anavar is the much better choice.
    hit the nail on the head. Injectable primo, however, at 600+ mg per week, totally different story.


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