The next cycle..take a look

  1. The next cycle..take a look

    Well bros, as I recover here, I am planning the next go around. Reading Doggcrapps stuff, I am considering the 4 on 2 cruise method..just to see how it works. So fire away and give me your opinions on this one:

    weeks 1-4 Test prop, 800mg/week, Dbol, 50mg/day

    weeks 5,6 cruise, test at 250mg/week and clomid/femura

    weeks 7-10 test prop 900/week, tren 700/week

    weeks 11, 12 cruise test 250/week and clomid/femura

    weeks 13-16 test prop gram/week, EQ 400mg/week, winny 50/day

    Posts cycle usual clomid and femura.

    Well, have at it guys and give me your thoughts

  2. I still vote on shifting your tren cycle to the beginning so as to ease the adipose rebound coming off the cutting. Other than that I am highly interested to get your feedback during and post cycle.

    Keep us posted...

  3. Actually I concur BDC. I was going to shift the order as we decided.

    It will be....

    tren/prop to start

    dbol/prop next 4 week block

    EQ/winny/test next 4 week block

  4. You continue to be the man.
  5. nice

    nice one wardog, i plan on running test prop (no where near your, eq, and winny, im going to leave out the fina cause i have used it a lot this year so im going to ditch it for a while, will start this after my blood work coming up in april, then hit it in may, i only run 6 week cycles,  but i will run quite a few cycles this year with 6 on 8 off.

  6. Looks nice to me. Im interested in the cruise method myself. Dont forget to keep us posted.



  7. Looks great War, I'm interested in the 2 week cruise everything goes during those 2 weeks. Should be interesting with that drop to 250 in test. Looking forward to feedback, when are you thinking of starting it?

  8. i was actually gonna do 5 weeks of EQ in my cyclke, but people told me that would not be enough time to let it kick in and to save it for later use since it should be run 10 weeks.

    curious as to why you're only running it 4 weeks and if you think it'll add anything. cause if so i'll prolly add it to my cycle also.

  9. Well bro, I know EQ is better long acting, however with the 4 week "cycles" I am going to give it a shot. Now, since you want it cleared out in 4 weeks, and it has a long acting ester, going to have to shoot it all in the first 10 days I figure. I am planning on three 400mg shots spread out in the first week, followed by a last one in the beginning of week 2. I know it ill spike, the taper down, but we will see how it works.

  10. I was just thinking about this same thing...for me I think the dosing regime will go something like a 3 stage step down.

    • WEEK 1
      Front load 400 x 2
    • WEEK 2
      Above normal at 300 x 2
    • WEEK 3
      Cruise with just the cycle base
    • WEEK 4
      Cruise with cycle base (but EQ still above therapeutic)
    • WEEK 5
      Scheduled cruise
    • WEEK 6
      Shcheduled cruise


  11. Great minds think alike bro..just differing

  12. Actually I'm leaning towards your 10 day since I'd rather have the early taper and not a late one (given that we're testing the cruise).

  13. Interesting cycles. I see you guys are big on cruising doses of prop. I always use prop as it is my favorite test but I just use 100mg/d all the way thru for 12-13 weeks. Have you done this before this way? It is "almost" like a front load dose the way you are designing it. I am interested in the results/effects of this. Makes sense in theory but it seems like your test levels will be constantly either going up or down and never really level off much. Don't know of the benefits of this. Interesting though. Might try it if it makes more sense to me. Some of this method is lost on me. I mean no offense. I am just confused a little and I am trying to understand this better.

    This is a roid calculator that measures your steroid levels and accumilation for a cycle. Load up a cycle and see if you like what it does with these cycles or if it even applies for your purposes. I am curious.

  14. Thats why we are trying it bro..niether of us have done it before...something new

  15. Cool. Sounds interesting.

  16. Wardog...I think some quick calculations are in order

    I am burning serious sugar picking this cycle plan apart. There is only one thing I think could be tweaked => cruise dose. The level of suppresion depth is minimized by the short 4 week length but if the cruise dose is above natty then it continues to suppress. I think that the success of this is going to be determined by whether one cruises below natty level or higher. Let's dig up the last bloodwork


  17. I agree and was thinking along the same lines. What is your opinion on using enth or cyp JUST for the cruising dosage, considering its 14 day taper...if you ran say 250mg on the first day of your cruise, it should reach max at day 2 and taper down from there...slowly to 0 on around day 14, giving your body a "gradual" recovery using anti-es while still providing enough to avoid the "crash"

    I do believe that ANY extraneous androgens introduced will interfere with your HTPA, and yet, the resluts of those who have done this method, seem to contradict that. I have spoken with 2 people who ran this system for 7 and 10 months respectivly, and both came off with real good I guess only an experiment will tell, we just need to pick this apart the best we can.

  18. AHHHH! The NEXT wrinkle. I was considering injection volume, considering your going to have mostly ED injects. This puts a new wrinkle into it.

    Second, I was considering, the best way to keep gains coming. To do this, I am looking at increasing the prop each, here is what it is looking like..BASED on 125mg/ml prop, 100mg/ml fina, 200mg/ml EQ

    Cycle 1 test prop at 100/day and tren at 50/day.
    Injection volume = 8/10 cc test prop, 1/2 cc tren ED

    Cycle 2 test prop at 112/day and EQ at the above listed frontload
    Injection volume 9/10cc test prop, EQ 1 cc/day for 8-10 days (not sure)

    Cycle 3 test prop at 125/day tren at 100/day
    Injection volume = 1 cc test, 1 cc tren

    Cycle 4 test prop at 137/day 50mg Dbol
    Injection volume 1.1 cc test prop

    Cycle 5 test prop at 150/day 50-100mg winny
    Injection volume 1.2 cc test prop

    So, for the most part, injection volume is below 2ccs. This will allow for site injects, which will be needed for ED injects.


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