future cycle need feedback ***

  1. future cycle need feedback ***

    thanks for all the help on making prev cycles

    Ok, here's a future projected cycle:

    need as much feedback as possible to tweek this cycle to perfection

    1-15 test e 250mg 3x a week =750mg/wk
    3-12 deca 400mg/wk
    1-2 Superdrol 20 mg/day
    3-8 var 40mg/day
    10-15 winny 50 mg/ED (injectable)
    1-12 Primo 200mg 2x a week =400mg/wk
    2-14 HCG 250iu's 2x a week =500Iu/wk

    lots of supps taken throughout including NAC / milk thistle

    week 17.5 - 21 PCT

  2. you have a mere two week break of orals in that cycle... I really don't think you need all that. Just my opinion though. I'd start with an oral, and end with a nice hardening oral as a finisher.

    I'd start the Deca from the get go, and run it to at least week 12.

    I'd also run the HCG from week 3 to a few days before you start PCT.

    I like the overall duration though. Just tweak the Deca for 1-12, keep the Test E at 1-15 and run something on the tail end for the two weeks after the Test. Maybe Test Prop with either your Var or Winny.. choose. I have no experience with the fabled Primo, but I hear it's kind of overrated.

    I'd pick Var over winny personally. I've never ran Superdrol, but everyone seems to love that ****..

    good luck Nando.

  3. At my age (40), I stay away from deca like the plague. Shuts me down hard and makes recovery protracted. I'd drop the deca and run either SD or Var. Don't need both. Just my two cents.

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