Hi guys,
I ended my cycle a bit early. Starting in the third week I started getting more bloat than I was comfortable with. I stopped the prostanazol but that did not help.

So the cycle looked like this
20 PP
30 PP / 75 Prost
30 PP / 75 Prost
30 PP / ~ 3 days of 75 Prost

I gained 10lbs., going from 222 to 232. I am 6'2". I am a former fat boy, so I got some abdominal fat but nothing terrible.

No sides to speak of really, except for some lethargy. I really did not see much in the way of strength gains, and I was really in a "funk" for most of the cycle. My nutz shrunk by about 30%, but I am not shut down.

PCT started today:
week 1: 75 mg LXT / 100 mg DHEA / 40 mg Nolva / 25 mg RXT
week 2: 75 mg LXT / 50 mg DHEA / 30 mg Nolva / 50 mg RXT
week 3: 50 mg LXT / 50 mg DHEA / 20 mg Nolva / 75 mg RXT
week 4: 50 mg LXT / 10 mg Nolva(?) / 25 mg RXT

Interestingly, my first workout during PCT was better than most of my workouts on PP.

I had bloodwork done before the cycle, but will not get another set until a couple of weeks after PCT.