Lethargy while on SD??

  1. Lethargy while on SD??

    I know the lethargy on SD is really bad to the point where some people cannot continue the cycle..

    Im curious what i can do to ease this.. I heard taking an ephedra based product will help however will raiser my blood pressure through the roof and is not a safe alternative..

    Can i get some advice or what others have done to make it through this?

  2. I personally don't find the lethargy bad at all as long as you eat enough carbs. I've run EC while on Sd with no prob. Just watch the bp. Everyone reacts differently though, so you really just need to try it and see how it effects you

  3. thanks eric,

    ya, im hopign my safeguard supps will keep my BP down, but im not a lazy person at all and always cant wait to go lift those baby rattles but ive just never experienced this lethargy on PH's before that everyone is talking about on SD... So i got a lil worried.. lol

    Plus my dosage is only 10/20/20 so that should help as well...
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    B-12 shots work great.

  5. try some spike. it seemed to work for me whenever i needed it but i really didn't. i just carboloaded crazy 30min prior to working out. not any fat gain either. plus it seemed as i worked out i got stronger and more energy. so just break through the lethargy mind block start pumpin then youll feel better.

  6. I wouldn't run any EC while on anabolics because of the potential synergy for prostate hypertrophy.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by MarcusG
    I wouldn't run any EC while on anabolics because of the potential synergy for prostate hypertrophy.
    Can you give any more detail on this please? I'd like to know more about it. Thanks.


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